Dragonslayer Reborn

by Static Yaks

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released November 28, 2013

Album art by Rose Sun! Lyrics and music by Static Yaks



all rights reserved


Static Yaks Los Angeles, California

Static Yaks is Jake Kairis, an idealist from Delaware with strong roots growing out of his feet that burrow deep into the ground. He must tend to them regularly, and use a trowel when he travels.

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Track Name: Soul, Sancte
It doesn't matter where you are right now you'll always be in my head
I've got you locked up safe and sound we're drinking wine and bread
Every supper's the last one my memories aren't built to last
But I'll reconstruct you every day raise the dead after my fast

no time to be unyielding the shield of semper fi
go on and drop it right there on the pavement beneath my feet
I speak english to mirrors cause my wisdom's pretty high
girl could you be more clear the seer is losing sight of me

I see that look in your eyes you know that I'm a genius
and now you're intimidated shaking out of spite
my soul is good I swear although my actions can be heinous
you know I don't even care I'm in love with everything I write

I kick bad habits to the atmosphere getting self actualized
traces of doubt slip here and there celebrate like the end is nigh
savior of humanity please tell me where to go
you're a pseudo-lucid dream I feel weakness in my throat
Track Name: Keep Straight The Score
I want your sympathy I want you to ignore me I want decisions intot he vision of syphilis suicide. I didn't hit it I just up and quit it ever since I saw the afterthought up and came out of the patricide. Where is the business I am sitting winning the very battle because I want to and I am given every possible options are fleeting catch em and eat em can't waste the protein I want to be in it.

Saturnine solitude we are sulking in sanguine-ish laying position you're my new edition to novellas I have written when I was stricken with fascination lacing with bracing for the new patterns to be facing oh no. Don't want you closer don't want you further away from where you are right now in my focal point can you tell me how I capture your body I make it work can I learn to twerk I want to be in it.

I know I'm ignorant I know I'm still searching
just to keep straight the score.
But I'm getting better every day I'm still learning
just not with you anymore.
Track Name: Brand New Girlfriend
hey look I got a brand new girlfriend
she's so cute and she's pretty good at dancing
she's so sexy when she got that thing in her hand
let's skip the conversation get right down to marrying

I'm a romantic with awful skills in sonnets
but I can make her like me if I want
am I treating everyone like they're an object
afterwards when I wake up my mind is fraught
yeah I'm frustrated with how many girls I've been with
when am I gonna fall in love
just gonna give up on sex entirely
so I'll have nothing to fuck up

a band of brassy baritones was sounding through my meat
the vibrations resonated with the friends that I should keep
it is time to be an introverted swirling cloud of smoke
abandoning the mortal world and reaching for the throne
I'll take one companion maybe two max to punch me when I choke
but I swear to God fuck everyone else I'm going out on my own
Track Name: Friendship
friends are what keep us together
I don't see a point in weathering the weather without them
we'd all fall apart without a few good conversations

Oh baby I adore you like a smoky poetry slam
there'll be olives in our martinis and we'll give the guitarist a hand
he plucks the strings like a collapsing creation
of jazz and blues in a man
so we throw up our hands at the table
sinking slowly into quicksand

I descended into a cavern
and water rushed over my feet
so I struck a match to the lantern
and meditated patiently
if I looked directly at translucent stones
they could consciously begin to breathe
but I opened my eyes at the mirror to find
a reflection of all that I've seen

jump hope the coping waiting for the waterfall black to scoping on in atavistic living excavation for idealistic facing the dawn
so long columns in the grass lasting for past neons ages what forth the future come in blood bond distant kin

and I know that we wait in long lines
with death at out backs and thorns in our sides
we'll skip fences west in boots made of leather
over purple hills we shall ride
and I know that you fear those weekend nights
tumbr is one of my least favorite internet sites
can I hold your hand and dance on stage
we'll make this place our shrine

give me the gratitude of living
make me make good us of my time
because I love too much and you're the best thing that I ever got

amigo amado eres mi compañero
Track Name: I Am A Psychiatrist
I am a psychiatrist and
you are my drug can I
administer you slowly oh
under my tongue I
can see it in the moonlight it
ebbs and it sucks there's no
trajectory leading me to
legitimate lust

prescription painkiller waiting to digest inside her
neurotoxin release don't wanna be a fighter
working the chain system feeling like Sisyphus
the power went out zombie apocalypse
Track Name: Ragnarok
I'm so sick of the words that you said
I'm gonna curl up I get manic depressive
roll around we all beaten and spent
limping back from the state where you bled aw
I'm so sick of staring at friends
knocking off in my brain I only see red
not one motherfucker that I've ever met
escape the cold steel where I'm gonna tread
it's a passion born of wallowing dread that
I'm a man who ain't got no reason
should be walking a straight line instead
making bigger figures each winter season
gonna walk like Gandhi's new son
guns blazing raging the militant serf
goddamn right when they think that they've won
gonna fucking ride out across the dead Earth

it's the only way to go I already know I already know
no more second guesssing now it's been foreshadowed
trekking in tracks of sand for our salvation
I'm not sure how the hell we'll try
but we'll move ahead with brute determination
Track Name: Rebellion
gotta grow right now the world is
headed for a brilliant future
gotta built those towns megalopolis in shrouds we got
poor folks living in the sewer
Imma chase my tail running in the
mind is such a shrinking sewer overblown with
chemicals chemicals chemicals chemicals chemicals
what you gonna do about it

counting down til rebellion comes at last
wke each day screaming at the sun
when will it ever come to pass
standing up and breaking through the glass
I'm not sure which way I should run
to break the systematic caste
Track Name: So Tradition Goes
in the United States we have second rate slates
about the pieces of carbon that are covering out plates
rBGH the lie is a cake I wanna try to mate
but there'e toxins stocked in my spade
like the grass strangles the snake
I'll expedite the blight of your public face cattle raising the horn
above the curtain draped don't see the man
behind a magical fake fly away like a wind drake

we will drink and we will grow the ancestral glory told
we are men of the mountains
the fire thrust into the golden halo of Rashana's glow
his hammer strikes true
a signal from the skies above we wean the crop from mother's glove
her blessing is pure
the youngen's scythe upon the stalk we eat tonight in holy grove
so tradition goes

the heath is roaring through the night it burns up the fort
but it's alright all is well
we pray to holy dragonites they keep the rains coming
through the sleet and hail
the paladin is fortified eternal servitude to
ethereal geography
his spirit melds in peace and justice flies among the
verdant elm and hickory
Track Name: Caffeine
I didn't know what to say-o
I was a long way from myself
I didn't know what to say-o
gonna spend my life in a cell

It's a caffeinated day-o
jittery words flying out my mouth
it's a caffeinated day-o
my mind is always headed south

skin's made of play-doh
and I wear my own melt
tell me what's your name-o
is there something I can sell

look in the back and see the crank is good and wound
pick up the slack and turn the mountains into mounds
I left my niche inside the desecrated towns
caffeinated day-o my mind is always headed south
Track Name: Hallucinations
what should we value
I'm cold and what am I seeing
hallucinating dystopian apocalypitca
pop a few pills so it's cool to keep breathing
drink from the goblet
fresh out of natural balancing
blood in the fire and fire is all my remedies
burn it all down nothing left to try saving

are we excited
wake up and dance like you're next to me
sasheying out of the leases holding my capacity
back from the heart and the mind and the body
we won't back down from
something intangible that we know that we don't need
tracking a shadow of pull back release my
arrow weld to shred all my money

I'm folding up my glasses getting wasted
ya'll can get your first free tasting
how's that sound? that's alright?
there's something making me think of strange places
I had it for a moment then I'm spacing
I don't know