Goodbye Forever

by Static Yaks

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ianterryfam haters get out of my zone
forget about it, love (this album) Favorite track: Fabulous.
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Recorded throughout 2015 and 2016 in Monterey CA, Newark DE, Wilmington DE, Madison WI, and the woods of White Clay Creek State Park.


released January 6, 2017

music and lyrics by Jake Kairis
guitar on Never Change by Eric Staats
album art by Amy Vresics
music video for You Can Be American Too by Nicholas James Piser:



all rights reserved


Static Yaks Los Angeles, California

Static Yaks is Jake Kairis, an idealist from Delaware with strong roots growing out of his feet that burrow deep into the ground. He must tend to them regularly, and use a trowel when he travels.

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Track Name: You Can Be American Too
gotta feel fucked up to really live right
I don’t settle down til I cinch the limelight
raise the hounds to sniff out an opposition
my attrition is likely nonexistent
gilded rebellion, went to the ball
drinking dirty martinis all night long
smacked a DuPont in the face by accident,
ruined a stay-at-home dad gig i could’ve landed
cooking and cleaning for the kids
characteristically modern, switching the gender roles
in the folds of the sheets a man’s gotta be patient
flaunting my education like a leftist demonstration
she doesn’t mind, makes enough to get by
for the both of us and much more
time sure flies when the one you adore
scores a promotion to top partner
I’ll make a cake that night for my lover
a fresh meat plate is
charcuterie cut straight from the fields
filled with severed bodies of pigs
locked in steel crates, you have an intelligent face, babe
take me on the beach where Quetzalcoatl will wake and exclaim
"there’s been a giant mistake"
and erase my family stake on this land
written in the fates, fuck that I can make what i like
fish will bite and I’ll soak em in acid
exercise my right to drop it day after night
tons pouring into the ocean, covered in plastic
take a cruise through the central pacific
what a wondrous reckoning we wrought
thought i was a god didn’t foresee the costs
bought a new car, the other was too old
the air's getting hotter, my hearts getting cold
I’m an American
I love this land and she loves you
my grandpa ran from the Russians in Lithuania
you can be an American too
and I know where I came from
I have gained and I will lose
my ancestors took this land cause they wanted it
you can be an American too
Track Name: Fabulous
don’t always see the light shine it on another body
I’m working on my legs I’m working on my
soft speaking voice, course is pulsing in smooth surge
to the left and by the end I’ll be heard internally
pick up that routine flag waving mantra
sing it in the shower while you sleep standing up
got a three foot flower growing out of my gut
I know that true love is power and for me that’s enough yeah
sigh don’t you steal my baby
but I can love myself
this body this mind is all I need
all my life to satiate me
fabulous fabulous fabulous oh
you’re doing fabulous fine on your own
forget about love forget about it
haters get out of my zone
forget about love forget about it
all of my love is copied buried letters in the sand
I don’t need a somebody oh I don’t need a man
I got a switchblade cut off all my hair
imma live like an old maid intimately impaired
boys see another and they try too hard
you gotta love yourself roll around naked
in the park like an animal roar into the night sky
love like cannibals and one of us has to die
yeah I see it changing now oh yeah
feel my body changing now right before my eyes
take off this disguise surmise a sedentary conclusion
this life is a cruel illusion
metamorphosis I’m evolving to my final form
extra arms crawling round on the floor
Track Name: Romantic Friendships
I hear you hate me now
well what do I do about that
I’m a man I got blood on my hands
running down my face like a river
if I broke some hearts can I mend them back together
if you act another part can you live in that skin forever
I keep fucking around
I can’t help myself
I hear you hate me now
I hear you hate me now
we used to be friends but someone turned the light out
there’s a black mark on your soul again
white robe, warm water can heal it
did you blind yourself to your oily skin
I’m a greek god I’m a man of sin
can you control yourself
you’re not an animal
I’m not an animal
I’m not an animal
Track Name: Restart
you can say that you’re alright but sometimes it’s delusional
look in the mirror and you’re getting in fist fights with yourself
locked in perpetual crucible
got a sickly child in your subconscious waiting to reveal himself
I’m finding it hard to be honest with my love and with myself
never find my folks on the ladder
I jumped off running circles on Saturn
alien friends at the bar getting hammered
I see your soul smoking on the platter
goes nice with a dark red wine
feeding to the center following the lines
always wash towards the heart
when you feel bad hit restart
he’s about to give a confession
someone’s gonna open a heart
unlock an old journal from middle school
the one addressed to your ex-nemesis
God, he was cool yeah dressing like a cool kid yeah
he made you look and feel like a child
but now you got a smile wide as the red sea, Jesus, look at me
Jesus Christ, give me your blessing
I feel like my skin cells are shedding
Satan takes me by the hand
but you can be the best man at our wedding
in the morning I watch tapes of me sleeping
squint as I see my spirit leaving
says you’ve got to be more honest
with the body that you’re breathing
sometimes he got nothing to say to you
check his eyes you can tell
his dreams are far too sick to come true
rationed out divided them into
breaking ties to work for the time being
nine to five and my body’s peaking
beat on your drum set fantasize often
knocked down but never forgotten
and she got nothing to say to you
nobody minds we don’t see through
cold calibrated manipulated
consternated glances
at the ground like it’s the past eating away
she knows that true love looks like a sine wave
slips on her gloves takes off her shades
it’s time we tried something new these days
Track Name: Drained
I got a simple plan
write it on the wall
take it in little strides
take in my adderall
she visits every week
chatting at the register
I can barely stand
I want her on the wall
I want a different face
it goes a long way
to have a famous sounding name
call me John Blaine
what is it meant for
think of how you’re blessed
selling cheese & meats
to a lady in a sundress
is this fine?
is this an adequate state of life?
appreciate the little things
you never know what the next dawn brings
insurmountable beautification
my friends the fresh faces of gentrification
parking lot to retrace hazy thoughts
does my work advance the correct cause
or simply cause my car to crash into the medium
cause I can’t drive didn’t sleep too much last night
enjoy the sight of satisfied customers
search for saps, extract extra dollars
every scrap of change scraped off the table
cash big checks at the coinstar later
lamb heart sliced up animalistic
artery pops now theres blood on the granite
edible weeds washed clean in the colander
she simmers the stew, must sedate my fervor
antioxidant surge into my fingertips
shaking on the table she grins and spits
says hard labor’s the only way to live
gotta get off the gird
and I’ll follow
when I'm drained
I can’t think straight
when I’m drained
I can’t think straight
there’s no water in my brain
there’s no water in my brain
when I’m drained
I can’t think straight
Track Name: Fly Into The Dark
sordid, possessive, lackluster
all the others wanna make you feel so feebleminded
fly into the dark and I know you can find it
capitalism sucks me dry
left with a clear-cut mind
dull march when you arrive you think
is this all there is?
dry skin in a suit and tie
deep recesses under your eyes
stone faced legal tender
hello again, goodbye forever
I can’t depend on anyone else
these two bare hands will beat my brother down
he’s a step stool to higher ground
too much potential to squander
oh you got the right face to run this town
firm handshake, kiss on the cheek yeah
gather up your pride it don’t matter
your life is a lie with no true answer
bit right in a candy bar wrapper
plastic stuck in my teeth it don’t matter
empty out the fridge, can’t control the hunger
temporary thrills instill my umber
you and I stay open minded
in the dark and I know you’ll find something
Track Name: Siblings
are we closer now?
or farther away?
did you feel the same as a child?
will our blood make floods one day?
you set the path
maybe it’s my turn to follow
well, just goes to show
it’s not easy to swallow your pride
she knows
pieces that wisdom that I might have missed
well stop, it takes patience to love someone
and to watch them grow
it takes time
alright, we won’t talk for this whole ride
half an hour at the wheel in silence
she sighs like my mother
I remember her crying
using her hands to cover her face
saying I must be strong
gotta gain more confidence
feels like I never belong
am I making any sense?
I switch off the car
I love you sister, stay true to who you are
need you to set a strong example
you know how much she looks up to you
with a full heart, she claims her motto
maybe it’s my turn to follow
Track Name: Reception
you’ll never find it, a lot of ground to cover
feel like a man on the beach with a metal detector
pull up an old earring from another rich life
my older cousin, now forever intwined
I see elegant newlyweds covering
their faces with intelligence I knew that you were trouble when you
walked in donned in a million dollar dress
when she pulled me in close she whispered, "do you love Jesus"
my cousin Samwise, he’s getting married to his fiancé his fiancé
and all your close friends they all got themselves a fiancé a fiancé
and do you love her? do you communicate well?
well I’m so happy for your wedding in summer, Sam
a wise man once said that good things happen to others
while you lie in your bed hiding under the covers
yeah I got another plan
shipping it solo until they put me in the trash can
I see no destined lover but I love my father and mother
try not to live like an apathetic wanderer
if you find my woman won't you give this message to her
come with me girl life’ll be better
we’re both a bit taken we can shake it off together
crossing our legs and we’ll find our center
salivating in the light of the lord like lovers
Track Name: Tastes Like Sustainability
pick up the pieces now drop it like it’s hot
hop scotch asphalt burn your feet right off I got
99 degrees the mercury’s hitting the top
crops better be drought resistant
air conditioning my leaves are withering
conditioned to thinking I ain’t contributing to sickening
of drinking water I caught her at the rave
mother nature how you been? she say,
"yeah i’m straight chilling, you ain’t tough, I ain’t intimidated"
she will grow in our blood and our bodies
she will grow in our hearts and our minds
I got a woman
she don’t want nothing from me
as long as I don’t take nothing from her
only enough to feed
she’s the twinkle in my eye
as I swim amongst her sheets
I will greet her in the morning
I will greet her when I sleep forever
and she will forget me
that’s why I love her so
mother nature takes it slowly
but when the end has come she knows
maybe I’ll start composting
she lives in my memory
I eat expired food out of dumpsters,
tastes like sustainability
Track Name: Never Change
a new challenge, I need to call a car back home
living too far from the center is sucking my social life dry
I did this to myself, what kind of bottle of wine
can I sip over a Saturday late night binge
this season, nah it’s like 11:00pm
might be responsible to turn in early again
horses gonna clomp cross the beach in a dreamscape
don’t wanna stop this sleep it’s a first date
feeling our feet in the sand, feeding a seagull
french fries, eat em up boys, this that good life
night comes and I’m working on fumes
give it a shot ain’t got nothing to lose
one day she’ll be checking at the Stanley Cup finals
crowd screaming, soaked in blood and booze
well I will love and I will cry
I’ll make true friends and bitter enemies throughout my life
I miss them all in the quiet of the night
my mother calls to check in, she sighs repeatedly
scenically, life is a movie sometimes
every tear, every fight I remember them well
Katie tells me a lesson she learned the other day
it takes some time alone to discover your strengths
suck it up and sit in your space
if you’re stressed try running longer distances
Joshua gets in the zone when he works
while he willfully suspends his strings
epic tangles of trains thought hell it works for him
I stare transfixed never know how to crack it
my father calls to check in
left a couple of things that might be important at home
he’ll send them in a package
sounds good, see you soon
never change never change never change
your boy’s got some feelings all of a sudden
bout his friends spreading out
stretch your wings and fly little bird,
don’t let nothing hold you back
and I’ll always be your brother
got your back if you need me
wandering feet and fearless ambition
set a course for a seamless transition
the flock soars, stylized perfect form
then we spread out
Track Name: Creature of Insanity
a brief glint slips through your eyelids
try this herbal remedy she sits next to me
calm like a creature of insanity
bleeding green botanicals
gory bits of earthly tendrils
landing cries of respect for all life
right to lie limply into the chemicals
she bestows to me in the night
she got a secret power
that you ain’t aware of
she got a secret flower
that’ll make your hair stand up
waiting for you in the late hour
she come to me covered in mud
saying a woman don’t need to shower
but she will drown you in her love
i sigh, i stutter
she will swing from the star-signs above her
cool, collected a mold of the mother
and Jesus follows her around like a brother
while I’m in strife she ignites her eyes, pantomiming
brother my brother, let me share my sight with you
your moon resides in Sagittarius
lust abounds in the front of your headspace
beware the cross of an upcoming mistake
i think i know what you think, young traveler
sun in Leonardo, watch your footsteps
less is more here, begone maniacal red star
give me your eyes boy, you need to focus
try to look closer, now far away
stand still, eyes closed
I need space to examine your ego
Yahweh awaits to enter if you let it
now, where are your senses?
am I a part of your head yet?
don’t be afraid to love somebody else
it might surprise you