Your Life Has A Repurpose

by Static Yaks

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An album concerning the zeitgeist


released April 9, 2014

Rose sun drew the album art. Jake Kairis wrote and recorded the songs.



all rights reserved


Static Yaks Los Angeles, California

Static Yaks is Jake Kairis, an idealist from Delaware with strong roots growing out of his feet that burrow deep into the ground. He must tend to them regularly, and use a trowel when he travels.

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Track Name: What You Want
Whatchu want from me baby I know
What do you want from me babe I don’t know

The best part about new relationships is I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking
It’s all fascinating actions gaining traction in my way of living
We will never fully know each other that’s what it means to be a human being

And we bask in each other’s warm glow
as we lie inside one giant winter coat
With you I never feel cold
And I don’t mind all of the things I don’t know
Taking steps out of our comfort zones
Have you thought maybe we could elope?
Whatchu want from me baby I know
What do you want from me babe I don’t know

Don’t need to be paranoid
I must learn to trust myself
We are raw, we are open, sometimes the spoken word doesn’t do much justice

The sexiest part about you
is I don’t know who you really are
people are scared that they can’t read minds
but I feel comfortable in the dark
Maybe everyone’s smarter than me
Or what if I am completely alone?
I’ll hold on to faith in what I can’t see
It’s alright that I’ll never know
Track Name: Ten Years From Now
It’s just beyond graduation
God I hope I don’t have to move back home
I’ve spent way too long making this timeline
For the next few years to stray off the road
Did I learn anything applicable in college?
Will employers find value in this paper?
Might as well jump in with a positive attitude
The only certainty in life is non sequitur

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I see myself looking damn fine in the mirror
This ain’t something you have to figure out now
When the time comes it will become much clearer
Circumstances are fickle and change in an instant
I’ll be adaptable and rise up to meet them
For now I won’t fret I lay by the fire
in good company with a hot cup of oolong, yeah oolong tea!

I don’t know if I’m ready for real life
Can’t tell if I’m scared or excited
I have dreams of winning countless awards
I have nightmares of getting knighted
I’m making myself a promise
My kids won’t ever live in some suburban town
I’ll show them the all wonders of the world
So they don’t run to figure themselves out

Get ready for the real life
Track Name: Reform Everything
Corporate social responsibility
ethical business practices
operational efficiency
horizontal management

We reform the financial sector
from the ground up from the top down
we got a broken system
but we can make it better we can make it better

income mobility
driving innovation
elimination of poverty
sustainable energy creation

We reform the agricultural sector
from the ground up from the top down
we got a broken system
but we can make it better we can make it better

gender equality
dis-incentivize pollution
racial equality
yeah I know we’ve got solutions alright

we reform the political sphere
from the ground up from the top down
we got a broken system
but we can make it better we can make it better

we reform the educational sector
from the ground up from the top down
we got a broken system
but we can make it better we can make it better
Track Name: Twin Moons
All of my friends are saving this beautiful world
She’s burning the last of the patriarchy
with her sexy feminist girls
He’s laying down the biochar
She’s writing her final draft
We are building up a paradise we are honing every craft yeah

You can exceed much more than what you think is your limit, endless potential, the brain is a sensual organ
Don’t forget to breathe, we have infinite space for creation, your mind will take a blank slate and derive a glorious mutation

We reach far out
to the deep recesses of the galaxy
settling distant exoplanets
with twin moons and silicon trees
we are advancing
to civilization levels 1, 2, 3
all types of humans living in harmony
with all the life we encounter living in splendid harmony
Track Name: Mania
Invigorate, catch up, sprinting straight forward
I remember a day when I was looking down feeling down
Move your hips more, more jumping more twirling
I can’t remember the last time that I looked at the ground
Maybe more cardio’s brought my blood pressure down
Make sustained eye contract then a high-five! Human contact alright!

Some days I wake up a passenger in my own body, foregoing all control to a blind man
And then on others I am present on the forefront of the future spreading radical change to distant lands
But now I am a solid great mountainous formation, vast, gleaming red in the sunlight
And I won’t turn around I’ll face forward until we simmer singing in sensational spritely suffering silk flows from our tongues like silver
Track Name: No Expectations
Fog rolls in, but we still see, x-ray vision
Beyond the clouds, nothing concrete, only harsh derision
Old signposts with old instructions, showing desolate trails
Don’t regard safe paths with special predilection, we march into the unknown vale

I/we ain’t got no expectations

I won’t fear what I can’t control, only the things I can
But calculated determination remains, we share master plans
I want to make something magnificent to last way beyond my life
And I won’t flinch at colossal expectations when I’ve got you by my side
Track Name: Unoriginal
It feels so nice
Being unoriginal
Eat rice and beans
Every night for dinner
Now and then stream of conscious recites popular lyrics and nothing else

Romantic comedies
Teach me how to love
She licks her lips
I buy her stuff
I know we’re essential pieces of a great mysterious system I won’t ask why

I ain’t holding nothing back from you
Takes all I got to be composed and stay cool
Oh I hope you’re into clichés
You’re my darling you’re my dear baybay

It feels so nice
Being unoriginal
Eat rice and beans
Every night for dinner
Now and then I feel like I say the same things over and over again

I got ideas
Got unique thoughts
You and I
Outta go for a walk
There’s endless possibilities dancing in your eyes
Track Name: Real Life
Get ready for the real life
Track Name: Unicorn
i like to keep up with all of my jobs
i like to wrestle with all of the dogs
you're getting closer no don't you fall off
no i can catch you before you rot

you say i'm a no good man
i said oh hey baby you're right
i come here to take all your money
and you're buying me dinner tonight
you say i'm addicted to myself
i say oh hey baby you're wrong
the man you see oh he ain't me
it's just the path that i'm heading on

i'm gonna argue with all of your thoughts
i'm gonna slowly take all of your shots
i'm gonna fire into your room
you're looking back at me
oh you won't even move

i spit and i swallow it again
then you look at me and give me a wink
you say i'm a dirty old man
and i'll be having me another drink
a while later she turn to me again
say you're a great white unicorn
she laugh say you're so funny
i lean over and i kiss her horn
Track Name: Food Co-operative
this food co-op is the best thing ever
i eat so much every time i go there
leftovers come back in a tupperware
spare me the fare all of the girls have nice hair
all the haters keep eating industrial pizza
cut form a chemical crust miles away
we got delicious plants growing right on Delmarva
wake up to reap the harvest every saturday

what's your favorite root vegetable?
potato! carrot! purple-top turnip!
what's your favorite dance move?
charleston! salsa! sometimes i like to twerk it!