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you can say that you’re alright but sometimes it’s delusional
look in the mirror and you’re getting in fist fights with yourself
locked in perpetual crucible
got a sickly child in your subconscious waiting to reveal himself
I’m finding it hard to be honest with my love and with myself
never find my folks on the ladder
I jumped off running circles on Saturn
alien friends at the bar getting hammered
I see your soul smoking on the platter
goes nice with a dark red wine
feeding to the center following the lines
always wash towards the heart
when you feel bad hit restart
he’s about to give a confession
someone’s gonna open a heart
unlock an old journal from middle school
the one addressed to your ex-nemesis
God, he was cool yeah dressing like a cool kid yeah
he made you look and feel like a child
but now you got a smile wide as the red sea, Jesus, look at me
Jesus Christ, give me your blessing
I feel like my skin cells are shedding
Satan takes me by the hand
but you can be the best man at our wedding
in the morning I watch tapes of me sleeping
squint as I see my spirit leaving
says you’ve got to be more honest
with the body that you’re breathing
sometimes he got nothing to say to you
check his eyes you can tell
his dreams are far too sick to come true
rationed out divided them into
breaking ties to work for the time being
nine to five and my body’s peaking
beat on your drum set fantasize often
knocked down but never forgotten
and she got nothing to say to you
nobody minds we don’t see through
cold calibrated manipulated
consternated glances
at the ground like it’s the past eating away
she knows that true love looks like a sine wave
slips on her gloves takes off her shades
it’s time we tried something new these days


from Goodbye Forever, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Static Yaks Los Angeles, California

Static Yaks is Jake Kairis, an idealist from Delaware with strong roots growing out of his feet that burrow deep into the ground. He must tend to them regularly, and use a trowel when he travels.

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