You Can Be American Too

from by Static Yaks

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gotta feel fucked up to really live right
I don’t settle down til I cinch the limelight
raise the hounds to sniff out an opposition
my attrition is likely nonexistent
gilded rebellion, went to the ball
drinking dirty martinis all night long
smacked a DuPont in the face by accident,
ruined a stay-at-home dad gig i could’ve landed
cooking and cleaning for the kids
characteristically modern, switching the gender roles
in the folds of the sheets a man’s gotta be patient
flaunting my education like a leftist demonstration
she doesn’t mind, makes enough to get by
for the both of us and much more
time sure flies when the one you adore
scores a promotion to top partner
I’ll make a cake that night for my lover
a fresh meat plate is
charcuterie cut straight from the fields
filled with severed bodies of pigs
locked in steel crates, you have an intelligent face, babe
take me on the beach where Quetzalcoatl will wake and exclaim
"there’s been a giant mistake"
and erase my family stake on this land
written in the fates, fuck that I can make what i like
fish will bite and I’ll soak em in acid
exercise my right to drop it day after night
tons pouring into the ocean, covered in plastic
take a cruise through the central pacific
what a wondrous reckoning we wrought
thought i was a god didn’t foresee the costs
bought a new car, the other was too old
the air's getting hotter, my hearts getting cold
I’m an American
I love this land and she loves you
my grandpa ran from the Russians in Lithuania
you can be an American too
and I know where I came from
I have gained and I will lose
my ancestors took this land cause they wanted it
you can be an American too


from Goodbye Forever, released January 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Static Yaks Los Angeles, California

Static Yaks is Jake Kairis, an idealist from Delaware with strong roots growing out of his feet that burrow deep into the ground. He must tend to them regularly, and use a trowel when he travels.

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